We care about you and your dog

Caring for you and your dog…

Welcome to Lifeworks by Rio, the newest venture by Rio Pools in Charfield, Gloucestershire.

Lifeworks is an opportunity for us to redirect our knowledge and experience in the leisure industry into the wellbeing sector, with the construction of our fantastic all-purpose yurt and full-size pressure controlled hydrotherapy pool room for dogs.

We understand the importance of taking a break, how leisure and spending time in water particularly can help enhance a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and overall sense of wellbeing.

We are therefore thrilled to introduce Lifeworks, an opportunity for members of the community to use and enjoy our wellbeing facilities, and feel the positive impact of taking some time out to reconnect, be it through yoga, hydrotherapy, dance or arts & crafts.

Hydrotherapy for your dog involves either a pool or underwater treadmill, to treat acute and chronic injury or for recreational use for exercise and fitness.

The use of hydrotherapy encourages your dog’s limbs to move correctly in the water while undergoing comfortable exercise.

Hydrotherapy utilises the natural properties of sanitised, warm water including buoyancy to support the body and reduce the dog’s weightbearing, increased resistance to help build muscle and increase ROM, hydrostatic pressure to increase circulation and help improve posture, and warmth to reduce muscle spasm and tension.

Nestled in a cosy corner of the grounds of Rio Pools HQ, in Charfield. Overlooking a quaint stream and stunning meadow.

Rolling picturesque countryside framing the landscape… You will find our beautiful Yurt.

Its vast footprint (10 metres in diameter), combined with a unique construction and peaceful surroundings, creates a great facility to host a variety of well-being classes and retreats.

Suitable for both relaxing and reinvigorating sessions such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Arts, Crafts, Photography and more.

The added benefit of underfloor heating brings further comfort, and allows for year round use.

If you are a local teacher or instructor of wellbeing and Arts, please contact us to arrange a viewing.

Stunning Scenery

A Cotswold Retreat

Our idyllic setting under the leafy edge of Cotswold Way, in Charfield.

We are offering very limited exclusive Saturday retreat days to well-being teachers and professionals.

There will be a total of 4 days available each year and will include use of the

Private setting, Yurt, Outdoor kitchen, Hobbit house with log burner, Rooftop seating area, 1 acre of stunning meadow space., The perfect location for a therapeutic retreat.

If you would like more information about future availability, please feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.

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