About Us

Lifeworks by Rio

Following the success of our well-established and reputable family business (Rio Pools Ltd),  ‘Lifeworks by Rio’ is the culmination of our 50 years’ trading in the wet-leisure industry.  With hundreds of years experience between us it seemed obvious to take all we’ve learnt and channel it into running our own hydrotherapy and well-being centre.  Our ‘Lifework’ to this point has been caring, maintaining, and managing swimming pools all over the country, for both private and public sectors. In terms of delivering a ‘Gold standard’ hydro facility of our own we are 100% qualified and 100% determined.

We are delighted to currently offer ‘Hydro 1’, an indoor pool built specifically with canine hydrotherapy in mind.  We hope demand for this facility will enable us to replicate and expand at our Charfield HQ in the future, with a drive toward providing human hydrotherapy as an end goal.