Did you know that we have some lovely retreats running here this year? ?
Currently there are spaces on this lovely retreat: https://www.spacious-mind.co.uk/the-yurt-retreat.html Run by Spacious Minds Meditation on Sunday 11th July. Please contact the spacious minds directly to book your space!

Typical structure of  meditation day (subject to change)

09.00-09.20          Arrival and registration
09.20-09.30          Tour of the facilities
Introduction to the day. Silence descends
09.30-10.00          Sitting Meditation
10.00-10.30          Walking Meditation
10.30-11.00          Sitting Meditation

11.00-11.40          Tea break and walking meditation

11.40-12.10          Sitting Meditation
12.10-12.40          Walking Meditation
12.40-01.00          Sitting Meditation

01.00-02.30         Lunch and free time

02.30-03.00          Sitting Meditation
03.00-03.30          Walking Meditation
03.30-04.00          Sitting Meditation

04.00-04.30          Afternoon tea .
Silence lifts and final reflections

The sitting meditations will take place in the light and airy Yurt with walking meditations across the bridge and into the meadow. The Yurt will have chairs for you to sit on and underfloor heating if the weather is chilly.
This is a wonderful gift to yourself. A time to enjoy nature and allow the mind and body to settle. A time to get to know yourself and sooth any worries or anxieties. A time to be with like hearted people.