‘Rio Pools Construction Ltd’ is the well-established and reputable family business behind ‘Lifeworks by Rio’. Rio Pools has been trading for 50 years in the wet-leisure business and ‘Lifeworks by Rio’ is the culmination of the hundreds of years of experience that we share. We felt it would be the perfect opportunity for us to share this knowledge by running our own canine hydrotherapy and well-being centre. Our ‘Lifework’ up to this point has been involved in caring, maintaining and managing swimming pools all over the country for both private clients and the public sector. When considering the delivery of a ‘gold standard’ hydrotherapy facility of our own, we are 100% qualified and 100% determined.

Currently, we are delighted to offer ‘Hydro 1’, our purpose-built indoor swimming pool specifically designed with canine hydrotherapy in mind. We hope that demand for this facility will enable us to replicate and expands at our Charfield HQ, with possible expansion into more canine hydrotherapy with more pools or underwater treadmills, human hydrotherapy, and even possibly equine hydrotherapy! The sky is our limit!

Due to all of our years working in the pool industry, here at Lifeworks by Rio we have the benefit of a highly superior pool, with state-of-the-art water treatment.  Not only is our water filtered up to 80% more efficiently than any other canine pool we know of, it is also maintained at very low chlorine levels.  This is great news for your pet, who can enjoy a safe, almost chlorine-free swim, helping with skin, coat, and breathing. Our pool is regularly and rigorously tested by our in-house team of qualified service engineers, along with micro-bacterial checks by an approved UKAS lab.

Despite expanding our business, we are keen to keep it as family run as possible. With this in mind, we have appointed a new canine hydrotherapist and physiotherapist, Victoria Lee, who we have known since she was just 1 year old! In 1997, Rio Pools designed and built a pool for Mr & Mrs Lee senior (Victoria’s grandparents), and in 2000 we continued our relationship with her family as we then built one for her parents! It’s easy to see why we were delighted to offer Victoria a full-time position and get her back in the water! Between us we are committed to delivering the best canine hydrotherapy facility in the county. Victoria has achieved a BSc(hons) in Veterinary Physiotherapy and is also a member of the NAVP and AHPR. She has recently undertaken and passed her practical exams for her level 3 diploma in canine hydrotherapy and will be registered with NARCH once she has also finished and passed her theory. She has had lots of experience working with small animals, while working at companion animal rehabilitation and hydrotherapy centres, a veterinary practice and working at a local cattery and kennels.

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