When you register for your dog to come to our hydrotherapy centre, we ask for lots of details about you and your pet. After we have your details, you then wait for your account to be activated, which can take a couple of weeks. You may be wondering why this is?

The Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966 and the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 2015 state that hydrotherapy can only be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified veterinary surgeon who has examined the animal. This means that before we see your dog, treatment must be approved by your veterinary surgeon. This is simply for animal welfare reasons as it ensures that only dogs who are healthy and suitable for hydrotherapy undertake sessions and dogs who have conditions which may possibly be worsened by treatment do not participate in inappropriate complementary therapies.

Therefore, when I receive all of your pet’s information, I will email your veterinary surgeon. They will look at your dog’s medical history and consider whether they would be suitable for hydrotherapy. If they are happy for them to undergo treatment, then they will sign the referral form emailed to them and send this back to me. This can often take a couple of weeks as we may need to discuss your dog and their treatment, as well as any special considerations that may be needed. Once I have received confirmation from your veterinary surgeon that your dog is ok to come and swim, we can then book them in and meet you and your lovely dog!

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